Project Management

Easier for Who? Decoding the Complexity in ‘Simple’ Requests

‘Quick and Easy’ is a Myth

“Could you do this update if it’s quick and easy?” If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of this common request, you might understand the underlying complexities it presents. These words, though seemingly benign, can hide a multitude of uncertainties, trade-offs, and potential future debt. The question we often find ourselves asking in response is, “Easier for who?”

Unraveling the Complexity Knot

Let’s break this down. ‘Quick’ usually means ‘quick for now’, but often accrues debt in the long term. And ‘Easy’ isn’t binary. Are we talking about making it easier for YOU, our client, on a day-to-day basis? Or perhaps for your end customer? Maybe you’re referring to us, the B2B business, implying it should cost you less?

Using Tesler’s law of the conservation of complexity, it becomes clear that simplicity for one party often means increased complexity for another. Any perceived ease or simplicity is merely a transference of complexity, not its elimination.

The Power of Clarity in Complexity

Acknowledging this, it’s critical to identify who you’re optimizing for when saying “if it’s easy”. This clarity not only helps set realistic expectations but also ensures more effective communication and collaboration between all parties involved.

At our firm, we believe in tackling this challenge head-on. We offer a tool specifically designed to help you rank and identify which projects at which stages should optimize for ease. We’re here to help navigate the nuances of ‘quick and easy’, guiding you towards long-term success over short-term expedience.

It’s Time to Decipher ‘Easy’

So, the next time you find yourself asking for something ‘quick and easy’, consider who you’re really asking to bear the complexity. Remember, ‘easy’ is subjective. By clearly identifying who you’re optimizing for, you can achieve more efficient and sustainable results.

Ready to unravel the complexity in ‘quick and easy’? Reach out to us today and let’s begin the journey towards balanced, clear, and sustainable solutions.