Knock Knock Bang™ is a Digital Consulting and Design Agency in Madison Wisconsin

A “digital consulting and design agency”? What’s that even mean?

Here’s what we do, explained for…

What we do; Explained for an ambitious five-year-old entrepreneur

Imagine our agency is like your superhero sidekick for your lemonade stand! We help you make a super cool website, like having a magical lemonade stand that everyone can visit anytime, even when you’re sleeping.

We also give you special tools, like a magic notebook that remembers all your customers and their favorite lemonades. It’s like having a super brain that keeps track of everything for you.

We create fun gadgets to make your lemonade stand work better, like a button that tells you when you need more lemons or a map that shows you where your customers are coming from.

Our team is like a group of friendly wizards who take your ideas and turn them into awesome and easy-to-use tools. We’re here to make the digital world fun and simple for you. So, whether it’s making your lemonade stand online, helping you remember your customers, or giving you cool new gadgets, we’ve got you covered in a super fun and friendly way!

What we do; Explained for an innovative fintech DTO

We specialize in integrating advanced digital strategies with a deep understanding of marketing and business consulting. Our services include creating sophisticated custom websites and digital branding solutions, utilizing agile methodologies to craft user experiences that drive engagement and ROI. Our expertise extends to developing robust CRM systems and event management platforms, tailored to enhance and predict customer interactions.

Our approach involves leveraging cutting-edge technologies and frameworks, ensuring scalability and security essential for handling sensitive data. We implement comprehensive SEO and SEM strategies to maximize visibility and lead generation in competitive markets. By employing innovative design thinking methodologies, we identify and solve complex business challenges, crafting cohesive brand identities and strategies that resonate across all digital channels. We develop tailored WordPress solutions that meet specific business needs, ensuring flexibility and scalability to accommodate growth and regulatory changes.

Our seamless user experiences are designed both online and offline, focusing on enhancing user satisfaction and engagement through intuitive interfaces and streamlined processes. We build and integrate advanced CRM systems and data architectures that streamline customer interactions and provide actionable insights, crucial for maintaining strong customer relationships. Additionally, we develop unique digital solutions tailored to the distinct requirements of various services and business models.

Our specialized infrastructure services for hosting and data management ensure high availability and disaster recovery, critical for maintaining trust and reliability. Our digital branding solutions encompass end-to-end brand strategy, from identity design to omnichannel marketing campaigns, leveraging data-driven insights and analytics to optimize brand performance and drive customer loyalty. In the realm of customer engagement, we use machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics, enhancing personalization and customer retention, and our event management platforms are built with robust APIs and microservices architecture, ensuring seamless integration and scalability.

By providing a holistic suite of digital solutions that fuse advanced technology with strategic marketing insights, we drive business growth and maximize ROI for companies navigating the digital landscape.

What we do; Explained for a marketing manager at a mid-sized retail chain

We understand the unique challenges of running a retail chain and are here to supercharge your marketing efforts with advanced digital strategies and a solid grasp of business consulting. Our services are designed to elevate your brand, engage customers, and drive sales.

Our expertise starts with creating sophisticated custom websites and digital branding solutions that highlight your retail chain’s unique value. We use agile methodologies to design user experiences that captivate your audience and deliver measurable ROI.

To streamline your customer interactions and glean valuable insights, we develop robust CRM systems tailored to your needs. Our solutions help you better understand customer behavior, allowing you to personalize and predict interactions effectively.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and frameworks, we ensure your digital solutions are scalable and secure, ready to grow with your business. Our comprehensive SEO and SEM strategies boost your brand’s visibility, driving more traffic to your website and increasing lead generation.

We employ innovative design thinking to solve complex business challenges and craft cohesive brand identities that resonate with your customers. Our tailored WordPress solutions provide flexibility and scalability, ensuring your digital presence is as dynamic as your retail operations.

Our seamless user experiences, both online and offline, focus on enhancing customer satisfaction through intuitive interfaces and streamlined processes. For your promotional events, we develop management platforms with robust APIs and microservices architecture, ensuring everything runs smoothly and scales effortlessly.

We also offer custom design consulting, graphic design strategy, and leadership/stakeholder alignment services to ensure your team’s vision is cohesive and aligned. Specializing in personal productivity automation, GTD, and tech stack auditing, we review your software and provide actionable recommendations to enhance efficiency and performance.

Whether you need to revamp your online presence, improve customer engagement, or develop innovative digital solutions tailored to your retail chain’s needs, we provide a holistic suite of digital services designed to drive business growth and maximize ROI.

What we do; Explained for a self-employed plumber

Running your own business can be challenging, and we’re here to make it easier. Our services help you attract more customers, stay organized, and grow without any unnecessary hassle.

We start by creating a custom website that shows off your services and makes it easy for customers to find and contact you. This online presence works around the clock, bringing in more jobs even when you’re off duty.

We also design professional logos and business cards, so you look trustworthy and stand out to potential clients.

To keep track of your customers and their needs, we offer systems that act like an organized notebook, remembering who called, what jobs you’ve done, and when to follow up. This helps you stay on top of your work and keep your customers happy.

Our online marketing techniques make sure people can easily find you when they search for your services. We ensure your name shows up first, so you get more calls and jobs.

We also provide tools to improve customer interactions, such as easy online booking and reminders, making sure your clients never miss an appointment.

Additionally, we help streamline your business operations by reviewing your current tools and suggesting new ones to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently, saving you time and effort.

In short, we offer practical solutions to help you grow your business, attract more customers, and keep everything running smoothly.

What we do; Explained for my grandma

We help people and businesses use the internet to grow and stay organized.

Imagine you have a shop. We create a special place on the internet where people can see what you do and get in touch with you, like having a sign and a phone number that anyone can find easily.

We also design nice logos and business cards to make the shop look professional. Think of it like having a pretty sign and cards you can hand out to make a good impression.

To keep track of customers, we set up systems that remember who they are and what they need, like a very organized notebook. This helps you know when to follow up with them and what services they might need.

We make sure that when people search for your shop, they can find it quickly. It’s like making sure your shop is in a spot where everyone can see it.

We also help with tools that let customers book services or get reminders easily, so they never miss an appointment.

In short, we make the internet work for people and businesses by helping them look good, stay organized, and connect with more customers.

Knock Knock Bang™ is a design consultancy where every project is a frontier of innovation and craftsmanship.

With a legacy of transformative design, we delve deeper than aesthetics, embedding strategic insight into every layer of our work. This integrated approach ensures that our creations not only capture attention but also sustain engagement and drive growth across diverse landscapes.

Knock Knock Bang™ was built on a foundation of collaborative excellence and innovative spirit.

We focus on delivering holistic design and strategic solutions that resonate on every level. By engaging intimately with a select group of clients each year, we craft customized strategies that are as uniquely effective as they are visually compelling. From the initial spark of an idea through to execution, our team ensures a seamless journey that transforms brand visions into market-leading realities.


Years in Business


Engineered in USA

6 Million+

Website Visitors Served


Brands Uplifted

The true essence of design: Beyond Pixels, into Purpose.

Welcome to a realm where design isn’t merely a visual delight but an in-depth exploration of problems and solutions, where we bring clarity to business challenges.

As a design-focused consulting agency, our expertise stretches far beyond aesthetics.

Our collaboration with clients is deep-rooted. By partnering with businesses, we’ve been at the forefront of brand development and overhauls, forged unique pathways in web app architecture, and sculpted bespoke internal business tools. Together, we’ve been more than consultants; we’ve been co-creators of success stories.

When we talk of “design”, we’re delving deeper than just visual aesthetics. Our philosophy believes in identifying and separating true underlying problems from solutions. This means we don’t just jump to conclusions; we analyze, ponder, and ensure that the authentic challenges bubble to the surface before crafting solutions tailored to your needs.

Now, imagine infusing methodologies that boost productivity into this design philosophy. We swear by David Allen’s GTD® methodology and 37 Signals’ Shape Up methodology. Why? Because they intertwine beautifully with our design ethos, ensuring that every solution we craft is not only effective but efficient.

Our limited engagement with 10-20 clients annually isn’t a limitation. It’s a choice. It ensures that we deeply engage, understand, and guide each business with profound insights, every step of the way. It’s through this focused engagement that we’ve managed to create half-a-million-dollar revenue pipelines from scratch.

Your leadership alignment, go-to-market strategy, and employee experience optimization are all critical. And we’re here not just to advise, but to transform these facets of your business. Our consultations are backed by tangible results and years of hands-on experience.

And while the world races towards automation, we champion personal productivity. In every automation tool or strategy we craft, there’s an underlying aim: to uplift the human spirit, to amplify passion, creativity, and drive. Because we believe that’s what truly pushes businesses forward.

At the crossroads of innovation and passion, where collaboration meets visionary creativity, that’s where we stand. We invite businesses, like yours, to embark on a transformative journey with us. Let’s design futures, beyond pixels, into purpose.

Send us an email. Let’s get after it.

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