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Our Origin Story

Two Paths Converge, A Vision Takes Shape

In 2014, a designer steeped in the world of art and an engineer rooted in logical precision found their paths intertwining. Two lifelong partners whose individual journeys had been on a collision course long before they realized it. Each brought their unique skills and perspectives to the table, fostering a dynamic that would soon lay the foundation of our company.

A Designer’s Dream and An Engineer’s Blueprint

The designer, a visionary with an uncanny knack for sensing the pulse of culture and taste, had been wielding colors, shapes, and spaces to craft narratives that moved people. The engineer, a problem-solver by nature, was adept at taking these narratives and translating them into robust systems of functionality. The fusion of art and engineering was the spark that ignited the inception of our venture.

The Birth of a Company Grounded in Core Values

From this meeting of minds and merging of skills was born a company deeply committed to its core values. Design thinking was the language they both spoke, their common ground. They were believers in the power of discipline, their dedication unwavering even in the face of challenges.

Integrity, courage, and honor were not just words to them; they were their guiding stars, the ethical compass that directed each decision they made. Commitment was the promise they made to each other, and to every client who entrusted them with their brand’s journey.

The Patient Pursuit of Excellence

Their approach was refreshingly different in an age of haste and impatience. They were not about racing against time or competing against rivals. They were about crafting solutions with care and thoughtfulness. They were not about rushing to the finish line, but about launching minimally viable products – proof of concepts that marked the beginning of a creative adventure.

The Power of Creative Audacity

In their audacity to be creative, they found their secret sauce. The drive to create work that was brave enough to turn heads, bold enough to cause a stir, and impactful enough to make a difference. This creative audacity became their beacon, attracting like-minded partners who were not afraid to push boundaries and challenge norms.

A Small Team with a Big Impact

The duo might have been small, but their vision was far from it. They embraced their size as a strength, knowing it enabled them to give undivided attention and unwavering focus to every project. They offered the highest level of partnership, and in doing so, they touched lives, shaped brands, and made an indelible mark on global culture.

Seven years on, this dynamic duo’s commitment remains strong, their creative audacity unabated, and their approach as deliberate and thoughtful as ever. The journey continues, and we are privileged to be part of it.